The Right Size Drum Lighting Fixture For Your Dining Room

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How to Select the Right Size Drum Lighting Fixture For Your Dining Room

Selecting The Right Size Drum Lighting Fixture For Your Dining Room One of our many specialties is providing innovative designs and solutions for residential drum lighting fixtures for dining room tables. Seascape Lamps has 30 years of experience in the manufacturing and production of drum lighting fixtures for dining room tables and for all rooms in your house or business. We also specialize in decorative drum lamp shades in all sizes and fabrics, as seen on our website.

When selecting the size and shape of your your drum lighting fixture, there are a few things to consider. The size of your room and table will dictate what size pendant lighting fixture you should order. Because Seascape makes all of their fabric lighting fixtures on-site, you can order just about any size that you want. Generally you want a fixture that is around half to a few inches bigger than the width of your table. So for example, if your table is 36 inches wide you would want drum lamp shade to be about 20 inches wide by around 9 to 10″ tall. All of our hanging light fixtures come with a white acrylic diffuser across the bottom at no extra charge so you’re not looking up into the bulbs. When deciding on size, we suggest locating an object around the house, like another lamp shade as a comparison; or maybe make a few cardboard cut-outs of several circles of varying diameters to get an idea of appropriate lamp size and scale above your table.

It is very important that your fixture is hung at the proper height and position. As a rule of thumb, you want to hang your pendant or drum lighting fixture at around 30″ above your table; although this rule can vary a few inches either way. The best thing to do is have someone hold the fixture above your table before you permanently install the light fixture. Sit down and look at it and then get up and stand in the dining room at different vantage points to make sure you like it in all positions. You definitely don’t want it so low that it gets in the way of your view of other guests across the table and you don’t want it so high that you and your guests can’t enjoy seeing the fixture and it becomes lost in the room.

Stylish contemporary dining room lighting fixturesA drum lighting fixture is just one of the shapes that you can pick from Seascape’s extensive library of shapes, for centering above your dining room table. The drum shape (our Thao hanging lamp) is one of our most popular shapes next to the narrow tall cylinder pendant light (our Lisha hanging lamp). Our fixtures offer more than just light; we consider them to be more like a functional artistic focal point of any room. Good lighting enhances the overall warmth and feeling of a room; it is a very important consideration when trying to set a mood and a design statement. And finally, we encourage you to make sure to have a dimmer switch installed on the wall so that you can control the brightness and balance of your finished overhead dining room lighting.

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