Stylish & Stimulating: The Black & White Nursery

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Research has shown that the secret to infant visual stimulation lies in high-contrast colors. Unlike adult eyes, which can distinguish millions of different shades of light and color, a baby’s eyes can only detect large contrasts between light and dark.

Black and white is the easiest for babies to perceive and interest in these starkly contrasting colors will pave the way for baby’s brain development. Visual stimulation is a very important part of a baby’s growth and progress.

With so many swatch options offered, Seascape Lamps can help illuminate a stylish and  stimulating black and white designed nursery.

Hung in the center of the room, over the crib, next to a rocking chair or on top of baby’s dresser, a black and white shaded fixture is a beautiful way to add soft light and sophistication to a nursery.

Our Evan is a two-tiered contemporary lighting fixture that will add the perfect lighting touch to your dining room or foyer. Here in a Linen White & Silo Bird print, we can customize diameters and heights according to your specific needs, and have a diverse treasury of prints for you to choose from. In this one, we put a bird on it!

Seascape Lamps can customize hardware as well as diameters and heights according to a customer’s specific needs, and also offers a diverse treasury of designs to choose from. Any and all of our prints are available in any size and on any lamp.

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