Retro Revamped

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It’s baaaaack. If you thought the disco-era was done, think again. Retro has been revamped in some oh-so-cool ways. If you shudder at the thought, brace yourself and keep reading. We’re highlighting some throwbacks that are making a glorious return.

It’s Shagadelic, baby!

We’d never suggest going back to wall-to-wall shag, but accenting with high-pile is in. A beautifully-textured neutral shag adds warm and style to a modern room.

Call me, maybe?

Formerly obsolete, rotary phones are now a cool accessory to keep a retro vibe going strong. Plus they come in super fab colors, like this one multi-toned gem from Anthropologie.

Good lighting is always in fashion

Want to set the mood? Or punctuate your retro room? Lighting can be an easy way to add just the right bit without going back to grandma’s.

Our 79″ Height adjustable floor lamp, Crane, is positionable and comes in brushed metal. Use it sculpturally in a living room for a far-out feeling. Can you dig it?

Our three-tiered retro pendant Arlo light pendant adds a touch of retro when hung above a dining table or bar or lighting a hallway. Here in crisp Linen white & Taffeta Toast, you can create your custom light fixture choosing different fabrics on the tiers, or keep them all the same…go wild with possibilities!

Don’t 86 the Avocado!

Some call it “wasabi green” but whatever term you use the brownish green color formerly known as avocado is making a comeback. We’re happy it’s not being used for kitchen appliances, but it can be very charming in rugs, ottomans, lamps or bedspreads.

Cop a Squat

Whether it shines through via the fabric or the lines – retro is done taking a seat, unless of course, it’s in the form of a chair.

Here are a couple of classic retro looks perfect for the corner of a bedroom or as an accent in a family room.

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