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Drum Lamp Shades

One of the most popular and eye catching lamp shades is the fabric drum shade.  Drum lamp shades have straight vertical sides and are typically much wider than a cylinder lamp shade. When paired with the right base and the proper proportions, a drum shade has an appealing effect on the overall look of your room. Nowadays drum shapes are found on most floor lamps and are particularly good for spreading a maximum amount of light compared to shades of other shapes. Most drum shades fit on top of a harp, which can be adjusted by buying a different size harp from any large hardware store or lighting showroom. Seascape has a wide variety of shades in several shapes: and we also make custom lamp shades using your specifications. Our most popular size shade is a 16″ diameter by 9″ high, which fits on most of today’s lamp bases.

Having been in business for the past 30 years, our selection includes solid-colored silk, wood veneer, fiber-textured and linen lamp shades. And for the past four years, Seascape has had a lot of success with custom printing lamp shades here in our California lighting studio, south of San Francisco. Choose from many print patterns and specially-made designer prints, including several black and white patterns, as well as selections in earth tones, blues and even a bright red offering. Our visually appealing shades start at around $40 and go up from there depending on size.

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Lamp shades can really do a lot to change the intensity of the look in a living space or a business. When you have just the right shade, a plain or out-dated lamp base can become transcended out of the ordinary into an interesting and enjoyable lamp.  It can brighten and liven up the whole room, making it look newer and cheery. Most people are so used to to the typical tapered, off-white or white shade that they don’t think about the benefits an attractive shade can offer.  So whether the best fit for a given condition is a drum lamp shade or a cylinder or an oval- shaped shade, it is well worth taking some time to explore the possibilities, especially the lamp shades here at Seascape Lamps.

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  1. Rob Blitzer Says:

    I finally found a site that has interesting shade choices. You guys rock……….Rob

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    they are interesting. i love the design.

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    I really appreciate with this post.Its very good and informative post. Thanks for sharing

  4. Mike Says:

    Go here for texture and fabric shades. Click on Browns or Yellows and you’re likely to to find something close to “buff, tan or flax”.

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