Color Trend: Teal and Purple

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Design experts and home furnishings manufacturers agree – one of the newest trends in home décor is the use of coastal cool teal and aqua, and a broad range of purples evoking the grandeur of royalty. As eye-popping as a peacock’s fanning feathers, this color combo is just about as regal and vibrant as you can get.

Find these jewel-toned hues everywhere from lamps to rugs to glass accessories, even mirrors and chairs.

Show in "Sprung"Shown in Veneer Plum10” x 10” x 4”, ADA Compliant

Retro Revamped

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It’s baaaaack. If you thought the disco-era was done, think again. Retro has been revamped in some oh-so-cool ways. If you shudder at the thought, brace yourself and keep reading. We’re highlighting some throwbacks that are making a glorious return.

It’s Shagadelic, baby!

We’d never suggest going back to wall-to-wall shag, but accenting with high-pile is in. A beautifully-textured neutral shag adds warm and style to a modern room.

Call me, maybe?

Formerly obsolete, rotary phones are now a cool accessory to keep a retro vibe going strong. Plus they come in super fab colors, like this one multi-toned gem from Anthropologie.

Good lighting is always in fashion

Want to set the mood? Or punctuate your retro room? Lighting can be an easy way to add just the right bit without going back to grandma’s.

Our 79″ Height adjustable floor lamp, Crane, is positionable and comes in brushed metal. Use it sculpturally in a living room for a far-out feeling. Can you dig it?

Our three-tiered retro pendant Arlo light pendant adds a touch of retro when hung above a dining table or bar or lighting a hallway. Here in crisp Linen white & Taffeta Toast, you can create your custom light fixture choosing different fabrics on the tiers, or keep them all the same…go wild with possibilities!

Don’t 86 the Avocado!

Some call it “wasabi green” but whatever term you use the brownish green color formerly known as avocado is making a comeback. We’re happy it’s not being used for kitchen appliances, but it can be very charming in rugs, ottomans, lamps or bedspreads.

Cop a Squat

Whether it shines through via the fabric or the lines – retro is done taking a seat, unless of course, it’s in the form of a chair.

Here are a couple of classic retro looks perfect for the corner of a bedroom or as an accent in a family room.

I’m in the mood for love…

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Our bedrooms aren’t just a place where we lay our heads at night. They are our sanctuaries, and for (hopefully) many of us, our love nests.

While most bedrooms serve a multipurpose function, requiring different types of light, it’s always important to integrate a fixture that casts a soft glow throughout the bedroom. While overhead lighting could light the entire room, the ambiance is better when table lamps, floor lamps, or sconces brighten only certain parts of your bedroom.

Celebrated interior designer Clodagh (who is clearly as cool as Beyonce and Madonna to go by one name only) said that “in a bedroom, you need what I call a love light — a lamp you can dim when you’re feeling amorous. In my bedroom, I have a paper standing lamp. I use a 25-watt incandescent bulb — barely any light at all — that goes amber when I put the dimmer on. It gives everyone the golden glow of late afternoon sunshine — that most beautiful light.”

Here are a few of our best—yet purposefully—not so bright lamps to achieve an amorous atmosphere in your boudoir.

Trend Alert: Global Glam

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Given that trends in furnishings follow what’s hot in fashion, today’s interior designers are embracing the vivid jewel-tone colors and extravagant patterns beloved by maharajas for centuries. Straight from the runway, these glamorous designs are being integrated everywhere – from throw pillows, to accent tables, rugs and lighting.

For a unique way to spice up neutral decors, weave in exotic Far and Middle East-inspired prints and motifs.

Some of our favorites to inspire you…

from West Elm

Three Simple Ways to Refresh For Spring

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Since spring has officially sprung, you might be thinking about ways to refresh your home. If you’re ready to beat the winter blues, and celebrate the season of rebirth, here are three simple ways to quickly and inexpensively refresh your home.

1. Out with the Old–Period.

Besides helping us add a few extra pounds, Old Man Winter has a way of prompting excess clutter around the house too. Spring cleaning sounds like a seriously daunting task, so take a breath and take it one room at a time.

-Going through each room, figure out what has accumulated that can be stored properly or tossed. If your winter holiday decorations are hanging around (don’t laugh, for some this could be a reality) then start there. Have you filled your porch or deck with items that belong somewhere else? Try to not be overwhelmed and just go from corner to corner, picking up and putting away.

-Have your children’s art projects taken on a corner of the room because you just don’t know where to put them? Keep a plastic storage bin with locking lid next to you and go through each piece. If it’s worthy of saving, place it in the bin. If it isn’t, then toss (just don’t let your kids see you doing it).

-In some parts of the country, the weather may not be warm enough for a seasonal wardrobe swap yet. But keep it on your list for when the time is right. When you start, remember the rule: If you haven’t worn it in two years, donate it. Or better yet, organize a clothing swap among friends. What is old to you will be new to them and vice versa.

2. Choose Two Rooms for Inexpensive Makeover.

To help change your frame of mind and really put you into the rebirth season, choose two rooms in your home to refresh.

-Throw pillows are an easy way to introduce new colors and themes to a room without breaking the bank. This season bold prints and colors are in. Have fun. Mix and match the patterns to add visual interest. Toss them on your sofas, accent chairs or bed for a vibrant new look.

-Most people think that when it comes to lighting, what you see is what you get. Usually a humdrum white or off-white lampshade adorns most fixtures. Forget it! Think of your lighting like a piece of art – meant not just to light a room, but to stand out, and set off your décor as the perfect finishing touch. Seascape Lamps offers hundreds of colors, prints, and patterns at an affordable price. No matter the dimension, we’ve got what you need. Lighting can make a big impact in a room at a small cost.

-Tidy up. It sounds so simple, but over the holidays and lazy winter, it’s easy to leave things out of place. Just putting things away or finding a new home for your decorative pieces can change the look of a room.

3. Bring the Outdoors In.

If flowers haven’t started blooming outside your home, don’t fret. Beautiful tulips and daffodils are widely available. Buy different types and pop in vases scattered around your home – coffee tables, mantles and nightstands are ideal places. Adding fresh blooms to a room can alter anyone’s mood. If you buy a varied bunch, get more bang for your buck and split up the bouquet — put like colors in small bud vases and group them together in different areas of your home.

And while there might not be leaves on the trees yet, it’s easy to add touches of green in your home by way of an indoor garden. Planting herbs like rosemary and basil is an easy and fast way to watch spring blossom before your eyes– and bonus, they are edible, too.

Stylish & Stimulating: The Black & White Nursery

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Research has shown that the secret to infant visual stimulation lies in high-contrast colors. Unlike adult eyes, which can distinguish millions of different shades of light and color, a baby’s eyes can only detect large contrasts between light and dark.

Black and white is the easiest for babies to perceive and interest in these starkly contrasting colors will pave the way for baby’s brain development. Visual stimulation is a very important part of a baby’s growth and progress.

With so many swatch options offered, Seascape Lamps can help illuminate a stylish and  stimulating black and white designed nursery.

Hung in the center of the room, over the crib, next to a rocking chair or on top of baby’s dresser, a black and white shaded fixture is a beautiful way to add soft light and sophistication to a nursery.

Our Evan is a two-tiered contemporary lighting fixture that will add the perfect lighting touch to your dining room or foyer. Here in a Linen White & Silo Bird print, we can customize diameters and heights according to your specific needs, and have a diverse treasury of prints for you to choose from. In this one, we put a bird on it!

Seascape Lamps can customize hardware as well as diameters and heights according to a customer’s specific needs, and also offers a diverse treasury of designs to choose from. Any and all of our prints are available in any size and on any lamp.

Not All Light Is Created Equal

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“Not all light is created equal,” Lisa Borgnes Giramonti of A Bloomsbury Life says.

We couldn’t agree more.

We were glad to see that one of House Beautiful’s Home Decorating Trends for 2013 is “Filtered Light.

As a lighting manufacturer, we know what the right light can do for a space. Looking to create a space that’s cozy and intimate? Bright and energizing? Even sexy and sleek? Lighting can unequivocally play that role.

Giramonti has captured the essence of filtered light so well.

“What is it about filtered light that changes absolutely everything? It gives a room atmosphere. It alters the way you feel. It speaks volumes, quietly. Filtered light can make even inanimate objects appear invested with emotion.”

In your home, use filtered light above your dining table to cast a warm glow. Soften the mood with a lamp atop a sofa table for subdued light when you’re cuddled up with a good book or with a good person to cuddle. Place a craning floor lamp in a corner of your bedroom to light up a dressing chair or chaise.

Seascape Lamps offers many options of fixtures that could fit the bill. From floor or table lamps to hanging chandeliers, the choices are seemingly endless. Here are a few we think would work really well to cast filtered light in your space:

Ernest Freeberg: “The Age of Edison: Electric Light and the Invention of Modern America”

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On the Diane Rehm Show. Listen now.

Thomas Edison

Emerald: Pantone’s Color of the Year: How Will You Use It?

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Goodbye Tangerine Tango, hello Emerald!

We know the color plays well in fashion but interior design experts are in contention…Their question is, can you decorate with emerald green without becoming overwhelmed by it?

Some designers say it’s a flashback to their parents’ living room with a big green couch. Others say it’s a welcomed hue and they can’t wait to integrate it in their interiors. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, says that green connotes balance, harmony and clarity. The company says that it’s a color invested with so much added meaning including growth, prosperity, healing and unity.

We love emerald green for its sophistication and elegance, and think the color can be woven in anywhere as an accent or to make a bold statement. If you’re not brazen enough to paint a wall, buy a sofa or cover your floors in emerald, consider adding a touch through lighting.

Here are a handful of Seascape Lamps drum shades that we think would be perfect for integrating emerald into your décor. Available for chandeliers, pendants, floor and table lamps.  Have a fabric you like better? Send it to us and we’ll create your custom fixture.

Some fabulous colors pair well with emerald, and can add visual pop to a room. For a true outdoors-in feel, try earthy colors such as yellow and brown.  For a preppier look, use raspberry, peacock blue, and turquoise.

Green is the color of rejuvenation, rebirth and renewal. With the economy on the upswing, we think Pantone has chosen well.

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The ultimate children’s design resource.

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